New Studio Project

Project Start Date: 15th Dec 2017

Project Estimated End Date: Late April 2018

Project Lead: Aaron Bennett

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Synopsis: 

Shout Radio is going to get 2018 off with a bang, as we plan to move to our own purpose built studio, in Winnington Hall, Northwich, in early spring 2018.  For years, we have not had anywhere where people can come and have a go at learning how to be a Radio Presenter and also somewhere where we can have a community base for the station.

The Proposal: 

Shout Radio needs to move forward, to do this; we need somewhere for the station to run from. This does not only apply to the admin and behind the scenes stuff that is going on; but also the presenting and production of programming, by people from the local community.  This will bring the community together, by bringing people from all walks of life, together; to benefit the communities of Northwich and the surrounding towns and villages. It will also people to get trained on how to broadcast shows and allow people to help transform the community around us, by directly tackling local issues that we feel strongly about. (Environmental issues, crime, regeneration etc) Shout Radio will give local people a platform to make their voice heard about such matters.

So, tour plan is to move the station into 2 rooms, which are housed in the modern facilities at Winnington Hall Business Centre; in Northwich. The two rooms on the 2nd floor of Winnington Hall will give us a space for a studio and office space. We will also have access to kitchen facilities, toilet facilities, as well as 24 \ 7 access to the building. Shout Radio is in the process of getting a grant application made to The Lottery for funding and we will keep you posted on this, via our Development Blog.

Once moved in and set up, we will start to move our Pre-Recorded and Syndicated shows into the early morning or late at night so that we can concentrate on using daytime and evening slots for local programming. (as we get local shows, we will move the schedule around to accommodate them.

How Can You Help? 

At present, we are getting a community account opened with Barkleys Bank. Once we have the account information, we will set up a donate button via PayPal.

However, it is not all about money, you can help in other ways too!

We need donations of the following items for our new setup:

  • Office desks
  • Chairs
  • Computers
  • Storage Cupboards
  • CD’s or Vinyl Records

If you can help, please give us a call on  01606 339915 (Press option 2) and ask for Aaron. Or email:

Thank you to the following people for their kind donations:

  • Holy Trinity Church PCC for the donation of a pedestal fan and a photocopier
  • The Old Vicarage for Filing Cabinets



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